City Council Meeting July 10, 2007

– Allison Goldsberry

Late-Night Permits Halted for Pizza Delivery

Two pizza places looking to extend their delivery hours to 3AM to cash in on hungry Tufts students studying late into the night have been met with some resistance from the City Council.

The Council refused to support special permits for Pranzi’s and Domino’s Pizza until it looks into how the late hours will impact their respective neighborhoods.

Pranzi’s, located on Winthrop Street, has run into some neighborhood opposition in its quest to extend its deliveries to 3AM. Domino’s on Mystic Avenue would like to do the same but also faces neighborhood concerns over increased traffic and noise.

Both businesses are competing with four other businesses on Boston Avenue that serve Tufts students and currently deliver until that wee hour of the morning.

Despite granting late-night licenses to other businesses in the past, the Council narrowly decided at its meeting tonight to take a step back and consider how late-night deliveries will affect traffic and noise in both residential and commercial neighborhoods before approving any more.

“I do want to see the businesses compete but I do not and will not let you disrupt the neighborhood,” said City Councilor Paul Camuso.

Several of Pranzi’s neighbors on Winthrop Street are concerned about speeding drivers and the sound of car doors opening and closing in the middle of the night.

“Would he [Pranzi’s owner Stephen Bates] appreciate it if someone did this in front of his house at 3AM?” Asked one neighbor.

Bates said his crew would keep the noise to a minimum and would be courteous to the neighbors.

The Council asked Bates and the neighbors to meet and try to reach a compromise before the next Council meeting on August 7. Councilor Robert Penta said the Council will make a decision then on whether to grant the late-night permits to Pranzi’s and Domino’s.

Funds Approved for New Fire Truck, War Memorials

The Council approved $363,500 for a brand-new fire truck and equipment and $295,000 to help pay for new war memorials honoring veterans from WWII and the Korean and Vietnam wars.

The next City Council meeting will be Tuesday, August 7, at 7PM at City Hall.


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