Man Sues Toyota, Blames Company for Fatal Crash

– Allison Goldsberry

A Medford man who lost his wife and was seriously injured in a crash last year is blaming Toyota and suing the company.

Gerald Murphy, 49, is one of many Toyota owners who says the company’s faulty cars caused a crash. Murphy said his Toyota Camry suddenly surged and accelerated rather than slowing down when he took his foot off of the gas while trying to exit the highway last fall.

Murphy was driving south on Route 93 around 1AM on October 18 when he says the car’s sudden acceleration caused him to lose control of the vehicle. The car veered to the right, struck the guardrail, then veered left, crossing all four lanes of traffic, struck the concrete center barrier, and then veered all the way across the highway again before coming to a stop in the breakdown lane, according to State Police.

Murphy’s 47-year-old wife Marianne was killed in the crash. Murphy suffered serious injuries and is now unable to work. A 14-year-old backseat passenger suffered minor injuries while a 21-year-old backseat passenger was unharmed.

According to the Boston Globe, Murphy is suing Toyota for $20 million and is seeking a jury trial.

Toyota has recalled millions of vehicles for gas pedals that stick, floor mats that get caught on the gas pedals, and other problems. The automaker faces a Congressional investigation and potentially hundreds of thousands of lawsuits.

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