Cambridge Man Charged in Medford Murder

Chris Toppi, 28, during his arraignment in Somerville District Court on Monday for the murder of a Weymouth man in Medford on Saturday. Photo courtesy Medford Daily Mercury.

DA Says Victim Beaten to Death

– Allison Goldsberry

A Cambridge man has been arraigned on murder charges in connection with the death of a Weymouth man in Medford early Saturday morning.

According to information released by Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone, Christopher Toppi, 28, was arraigned Monday in Somerville District Court on one count of murder. Toppi pleaded not guilty and is being held without bail. He is due back in court on September 20 for a probable cause hearing.

Toppi is accused of beating to death 28-year-old Brian Fahy of Weymouth at a Medford home early Saturday morning.

“We allege that the defendant beat the victim to death,” District Attorney Leone said. “This is another tragic example of a defendant resorting to violence, causing lasting and tragic circumstances for the victim and his loved ones.”

Toppi turned himself into authorities Saturday night after police issued a warrant for his arrest that afternoon.

Fahy was found unresponsive around 3:30AM Saturday morning at a 382 Salem Street home. When EMS found the victim he was bleeding from his head and nose and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Investigators say Toppi started a fight with Fahy and then beat him to death. An autopsy by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner determined the cause of death to be blunt force trauma to the head and the manner of death homicide.

Medford Police and State Police worked together on the investigation.

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19 Responses to “Cambridge Man Charged in Medford Murder”

  1. Russell Keane says:

    I pray for all involved – This is a tragic situation. Obviously the victim and his family/friends, but also for the Toppi family. Chris is a good guy, it’s so unfortunate to see this happening. Awful. May God have mercy on us all.

  2. another side says:

    How can you begin to say he (chris) is a good guy??

  3. Jay says:

    I’m glad he’s getting what he deserves. Nice guy or not, he still beat a fantastic person to death, and deserves the full wrath of the law.

  4. disturbing story says:

    Living in the neighborhood it is ultra disturbing to read that Toppi was picked up for warrants on breaking and entering in June and that he appears to have three different residences since June. Also, neighbors say that people were coming and going at that house at all hours of the night. The majority of people who live in this neighborhood keep to themselves. A murderer is not a “good guy”. Someone breaking into people’s homes repeatedly is not a “good guy”. It’s too bad that he wasn’t taken out of society before his alleged breaking and entering went to this more tragic level: murder. There is probably a lot more to this story and how can any of it be good?

  5. friend says:

    Brian wouldn’t have hurt a fly. Makes absolutely no sense to me. and I agree with what “another side” says. No good guy would beat another one to death

  6. Russell Keane says:

    I can see how people would feel the way they do – The sympathy belongs with the victim. He did not deserve to die, and he sounds like a good dude who had many friends. I only wanted to express my feelings for Chris, who I know. It is unlikely that this was planned: more like an emotional reaction and an unfortunate, horrible result of an altercation. A very very bad decision, extremely poor behavior, and an action that he will have to pay for dearly. It totally sucks, I wish they could all “re-do” that night, and not have this reality to deal with. I’m sorry to all you out there who knew Brian and are hurting.

  7. myheartbreaks says:

    Toppi is a coward and not a good guy. This wasn’t a fight gone bad, he beat another man to death and left him there. I hope all of his anger is worth the rest of his life in jail, because I assure you, that’s where he will stay.

  8. sad says:

    The whole situation makes me sad. I am so sad for Brian and his family. What has been done cannot be un-done. I am also sad for Chris and his family. The truth is that this was an unfortunate accident. Have all of you never gotten in any (or known anyone who has) physical fight? All it takes is a wrong hit. Chris is not a “bad” guy, it was accidental and he is so regretful. I know it’s easy to say that “he should get what he deserves” but everyone doesn’t know the details. Put the shoe on the other foot. One person’s life is ended and, yes, of course Chris will have punishment. He didn’t set out to kill anyone.

  9. F*** Sad Get Even says:

    Are you kidding Sad & Russell Keane?? “Chris is not a bad guy”??? He’s a murdering piece of trash… may the rats eat him alive… You say he didn’t plan to kill Brian … Why did he slash B’s tires and come back to finish him??? Brian was an angel … Chris can ROT IN PIECES, too bad for his family but Chris is safer in jail now … Watch your back Chris PEOPLE DON’T FORGET

  10. to Sad says:

    It wasn’t one wrong hit. It was a series of hits to the head.. how do you explain that? The details are that a boy is dead because someone couldn’t deal with his anger. Was it worth it? She still isn’t with him, someone’s dead, and he will be going to jail.

  11. Know your S**T says:

    Mr get even…. you only know what you see on t.v… who says chris slashed those tires….If only you all new the details. I am saddened by all that is happened, I feel terrible a mother has lost a son. But I KNOW chris and who he is. It must be hard for people who do not know him to say he is a bad guy and to wish him ill. But dont forget that he too has a family and all this negativity and cruelness is heartbreaking.

  12. dont judge!! says:

    first of all let me say dont judge ppl if u dont know them and u only know what u c on the news chris is innocent until proven guilty none of u ppl know the details so please dont judge him he really is a great guy n im sure brian was too but for all anyone knows it wasnt chris there were plenty of other ppl there that could of done it so watch what u say and stop judgein chris exspecially wen u dont know any details at all thanx!!!!!

  13. Laura says:

    Chris is a great guy how would give his shirt off his back for anyone….U do not know the story so umm shut up if u dont know Chirs…He is a great man,and u dont know the story so stfu…..LOve U Toppi keep ya head up u have mad support out here…Thanks for always being such a great friend I love u

  14. Sad says:

    I am just glad that those who don’t know the story and would take the law into their own hands are not on the law end of this case. Innocent until PROVEN guilty. Everyone should expect nothing less.

  15. Leah says:

    Chris is a good guy.
    A very calm person wise and compassionate.
    Something must have happened that needs to be investigated

  16. I DARE You says:

    F*** Sad Get Even, I want to see you spew your hypocrisy without hiding behind anonymity! Chis is a better human then you’ll ever be, he would never reprimand violence ending with a threat, all the while speaking on a subject you have no REAL knowledge of…

  17. squids says:

    Brian would never have hurt anyone, and was a special person brutally murdered by a ruthless,angry,violent animal. That is a fact. Brian deserved more. R.I.P Brian Fahy

  18. May Justice be served says:

    Chris is not the monster that he is being perceived as. He is a gentle man that unfortunately is a big guy. He would NEVER intentionally take a mans life. There is obviously far more than anyone knows here. I pray that his daughter gets through this with as little pain as possible. Justice will prevail and Chris will regardless of what anyone thinks will live with this pain of what happened for the rest of his life

  19. DeezNutz says:

    A nice guy doesn’t trap someone and then beat them to death. A nice guy doesn’t break into people’s homes and take their things like the world owes him something. A nice guy doesn’t murder a woman’s only son. A nice guy doesn’t steal a friend away from those who love him. And for what? Some white trash little girl? Please… Chris Toppi is not a nice guy. He is an animal and you can see in his photos that he has no soul. Jail will be the perfect place for him. He will fit in just fine.

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