MHS Students Earn Honors for Art Work, Writing

The following Medford High School students earned honors in the annual Boston Globe Scholastic Art and Writing awards.

Art Winners

Gold Key
Thalia Borba, The Mysteries of the Sea
Crystal Chandler, King Kong’s Revenge
Diana Hien, Dance as One
Allegra Kurtz-Rossi, Sonata for a Warrior
Daniel Ridge, Security or Force?

Silver Key
Peter-Joseph DeGiovanni, Self Portrait
Dylan Eufrasio, Birthday Present for King Arthur
Diana Hien, Bamboo Teapot
Allegra Kurtz-Rossi, Japanese Fan Box
Winny Kwong Sito, Hold on to What You Have
Michelle Nguyen, Hand-Crafted
Leah Parrino, Mirrored Beauty

Honorable Mention
Catherine DeQuinzio, Phonz
Anika Chowdhury, Beauty in a Breeze
Hector Delgado, Black Sun
Dylan Eufrasio, Bonsai T-Pot
Jordan Harris, Eye Spy
Allegra Kurtz-Rossi, Pink Lily Teapot
Jeannie Nguyen, Turtle
Leah Parrino, Self Portrait
Daniel Ridge, Tea from the Sea
William Russell, The Birds
Nadya Voitenok, Brushes and an Apple

Writing Winners

Gold Key
Leila Walker, Personal Essay, “Car Wash”
Nicole Avella, Short Story, “Food for Thought”

Silver Key
Kylie Baker, Short Short Story, “Borderline”
Anika Chowdbury, Humor, “A Day at the Theater”
Renee Gramolini, Short Short Story, “Silver Lining”

Honorable Mention
Amy Lam, Personal Essay, “The Ride”
Kristen McCarthy, Personal Essay, “Hands and Memories”
Gaelle Rigaud, Personal Essay, “The Teddy I Didn’t Want”
Barbara Araya, Short Short Story, “Night”
Tommy Calautti, Short Short Story, “It’s Never Too Late”
Isabelle Thibault, Short Short Story, “Footprints at the Station”
Alexander Nguyen, Science Fiction/Fantasy, “Touf’s Quest of Love, Vengeance, and Pride”
Kevin Nguyen, Poetry, “Silent Night, Change, The End, Memories, Shoes”
Evan Nigro, Humor, “Life in the C.I.A.”
Jane Smith, Short Story, “It Takes Rain to Make a Rainbow”

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