Election Day in Medford


A line had already formed outside of this poll, the Medford Firefighters Club on Salem Street, before it opened at 7AM. Many voters across Medford experienced long lines throughout the day as eager residents turned out to vote in an important election.

Camuso and Sheriff

Middlesex Sheriff Peter Koutoujian, left, ran into City Councilor Paul Camuso on the campaign trail in Medford.

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2 Responses to “Election Day in Medford”

  1. joe viglione says:

    All due respect, Allison, but doesn’t Mr. Camuso work for Mr. Koutoujian? A more accurate caption would be “Middlesex Sheriff Peter Koutoujian, left, ran into his employee, Paul A. Camuso, campaigning for the Sheriff’s re-election. By posting that Mr. Camuso is a City Councilor it gives the reader a false impression that a City Councilor is endorsing the sheriff.

  2. Arthur DeLuca says:

    I find your caption to be accurate as given. To reword it as the above reader suggested would be to mislead the people into thinking the Sheriff is making his employees campaign for him. This would have been a piece of yellowdog journalism which is occurring all to frequently lately. I give you credit for resisting the temptation to jump on this sort of pandering bandwagon; opting rather to stick to your professional journalistic ethics.
    Kudos to you, Allison!

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