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Verizon Service Expanded to All of Medford

On Monday, November 19 the city and Verizon signed an amendment to the company’s local franchise agreement that will bring its services to the parts of Medford not currently in the coverage area.

Verizon and Medford signed a local franchise agreement in February 2012 that brought FiOS cable, phone, and internet services to the 79% of the city already wired. Verizon will immediately begin wiring the rest of the city, mostly West Medford and some other scattered streets, so everyone in Medford can access its service.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with our partnership with the City of Medford and investment we have made in offering the latest technology to its residents and businesses. Since we began offering FiOS services in Medford we have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from our new Medford customers. We are delighted to be able to bring FiOS and all of its benefits to the entire city,” said a statement from Verizon.

According to Donna Cupelo, president of Verizon New England, Medford is the first community in Massachusetts where the company will proceed with building out its service since Verizon put into place a moratorium.

Cupelo and Mayor Michael McGlynn are pictured below signing the new amendment in West Medford on Monday at the intersection of Wolcott and Prescott Streets.

Verizon’s contract runs through 2025, according to Mayor McGlynn.

Mayor and Donna Cupelo

Verizon truck


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