Watch Out for Discolored Water Wednesday

– Allison Goldsberry

The MWRA has announced work being done on Wednesday, December 5 might cause discolored water in Medford as well as Chelsea, Everett, East Boston, Malden, and Somerville.

According to an announcement on the MWRA website, there is a “slight” chance the activation of a pipeline on Riverside Avenue in Medford could cause water discoloration. The MWRA says there will be no change in water pressure.

The discoloration would be caused from a small amount of iron in the pipes. The MWRA says the water is safe for drinking, cooking, and other uses but that it could potentially stain light colored clothes in the laundry, especially if bleach is used. The MWRA suggests people check the water before washing white or light colored clothing.

Anyone with questions can contact the MWRA at 617-305-5950.

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