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Church Group Offers Public Blessings

During morning rush hour on Wednesday a small group from Grace Episcopal Church offered blessings at the West Medford Commuter Rail station. The “Blessing Station,” according to The Reverend Noah H. Evans, was an attempt to “help bring peace and comfort during this darkest week of the year.” “The team is aware that while this […]

Bloomberg: 6 Ways to Stop Gun Madness

The slaughter of 20 innocent children and the six adults who tried to save them in Newtown, Conn., marked a turning point in our national consciousness. For more than a decade, both parties in Washington have mostly looked the other way when mass shootings occur. And they have mostly ignored the 34 victims who are […]

MHS Art Students Create Newtown Memorial

Students in a Ceramics 2 class at Medford High School created a special art installation sculpture as a memorial to the Newtown, Connecticut victims. The memorial contains twenty-six pairs of shoes, which were donated by school staff, to represent each of the victims. It is located in the main lobby of Medford High School and […]