Meeting to Consider Little League Merger January 3

Story Updated 8:00PM Friday, December 28, 2012

– Allison Goldsberry

A week after criminal charges against former league officials became public, the West Medford Hillside Little League (WMHLL) is moving forward with plans to merge with other little leagues in the city.

According to sources, opposition from past board members, led by Stanley and Stephen Komins, the two officials who face criminal charges, prevented the merger from moving forward. There is more optimism now that a merger will happen, which some hope will provide more transparency and accountability.

According to a league board member, the general parent meeting will take place on Thursday, January 3 from 6:30-7:30pm at Medford High School in Room V220 (enter by the pool).

According to information released by the league, the meeting will focus on planning for the 2013 season as well as “an open discussion about a potential merger with the other city little leagues.”

“We need to hear from our parent community! If you care about baseball or your children playing baseball in the city of Medford, you should attend this meeting,” said a WMHLL statement.

In 2008, two of Medford’s five little league teams merged into one league, the Medford National Little League. The merger combined the South Medford and Wellington Glenwood Little League teams, and came after years of discussion.

On December 12, the boards of the Medford National League and the North Medford Little League voted unanimously to merge. If joined by the WMHLL, Medford would have only one Little League, a long-time goal of several parents and coaches.

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