McGlynn Joins Other Mayors to Discuss Gun Control, Film PSA

Updated 8:16PM Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mayors Against Illegal Guns

On Thursday Mayor Michael McGlynn joined over a dozen other mayors from around the state for a Mayors Against Illegal Guns meeting in Boston.

Thursday’s meeting was be hosted by Boston Mayor Tom Menino, co-chair of Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

According to information released by Menino’s office, the mayors discussed how to mobilize their communities behind “common sense” gun reforms. They also filmed a PSA “demanding a plan to prevent gun violence.”

Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone, Malden Mayor Gary Christensen, and Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria, Jr. also attended the meeting.

More information about the meeting is available on the city’s website.

Mayor McGlynn referenced Mayors Against Illegal Guns in a public statement he released following President Barack Obama’s gun control announcement earlier in the month.

“Mayors Against Illegal Guns have been lobbying the United States Congress to help end our nation’s epidemic of gun violence,” said Mayor McGlynn. “I am grateful that President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden stepped forward on this critical issue. As President Obama stated: ‘I am charged with ensuring the safety of all American people’. I believe he has put forth sensible solutions that people on all sides of the gun debate can agree upon. President Obama has provided common sense proposals that will help save American lives and keep our children and grandchildren safe.”

McGlynn also called upon Congress to advance some gun control measures.

“It is imperative that Congress takes immediate action to get assault weapons and high capacity magazines off our streets, as well as strengthen the background checks on all potential purchasers,” said McGlynn.


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