City Continues Clean Up Efforts, Asks Residents to Not Throw Snow into Street

The City of Medford released the following message on Saturday afternoon:

“As of 8AM this morning, National Grid has reported two residential power outages.

There are 108 plows in action, which include City plows and private contractors. Weather conditions last night included fast falling, heavy, wet snow combined with high wind,s causing drifting and blinding conditions. Snow and high winds will be ending at 3PM today.

Superintendent Belson will make a determination by noon on Sunday whether there will be school on Monday.

E911 continues to respond to calls without incident.

Mayor Mcglynn has directed the school and building departments to evaluate the snow load on school roofs and take the necessary action.

Current obstacles include people throwing snow back into the street. This is creating a public safety hazard, which is subject to a fine. We do appreciate everyone’s patience and cooperation during this threatening and historic storm.

The City will continue its efforts into next week until the job is complete. Thank you.”


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2 Responses to “City Continues Clean Up Efforts, Asks Residents to Not Throw Snow into Street”

  1. Michael says:

    I’ll stop throwing snow back into the street when the city stops plowing the street up onto our sidewalk.

  2. Doreen says:

    Please Send a Plow to COURT ST in medford! no one has come! HELP

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