McGlynn Won’t Seek Congressional Seat

The following statement was released by Medford Mayor Michael McGlynn on Wednesday afternoon. Mayor McGlynn announced he will not seek Congressman Edward Markey’s seat if Markey is elected to the US Senate.

“Mayor Michael J. McGlynn today announced that he will not be a candidate for the United States Congress, 5th District, if an opening should occur.

‘Years ago, I was a candidate when Ed Markey was a Senate candidate. My full attention for many years has been and will continue to be to improve the quality of life for all in the City of Medford.’

‘I am grateful to everyone who has called to offer their support. It would be an honor to serve in Congress. However, it is no secret that politically, Medford is my first love. I am a proud son of Medford and its greatest cheerleader. I have put before the members of the Medford School Committee and Medford City Council a very aggressive agenda for the year ahead. I look forward to working with them to see its completion and beyond. I make this statement at this time to provide my supporters the opportunity to make an informed decision about other potential candidates for Congress”, said Mayor McGlynn.'”

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