Coakley, Sciortino Voice Support for Marriage Equality

Two prominent Medford residents, Attorney General Martha Coakley and State Representative Carl Sciortino, recently expressed their support for marriage equality. The US Supreme Court is currently hearing two arguments that could affect gay marriage and its legality nation-wide.

“Our office challenged the Defense of Marriage Act four years ago because it is an unconstitutional law that discriminates against same-sex couples,” said a statement from Coakley. “This has always been a fundamental issue of fairness and equality. And let there be no doubt, we are on the right side of history. That is why today’s arguments before the Supreme Court on the Defense of Marriage Act are so important. I believe that all people should be able to marry the person they love. Now, let’s all hope the Court will continue the march toward equality and strike down this discriminatory law once and for all.”

“…two landmark LGBT rights cases are before the Supreme Court. The outcome will have a major impact on the gay community here and around the country,” said Rep. Sciortino, who is running for Congress. “I’m so proud to have helped protect marriage equality in Massachusetts: defeating an anti-equality incumbent in 2004 and mobilizing my colleagues to protect marriage in the three years that followed.”


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