Chiefs Stay Alive With 1 Run Win Over Lexington

– Allison Goldsberry

Medford’s Andre Chiefs baseball team took a step closer to defending their Intercity League title from last year with a one run win over the Lexington Blue Sox on Friday.

The win forces a game five in the best of three playoff series. Both the Chiefs and Lexington have two wins.

The Chiefs’ Jared Freni pitched out a shutout while Tony Deshler delivered the game-winning run in the sixth inning.

More details on the Chiefs’ win is available on the team website.

The Chiefs will host Lexington for Game 5 at Malden Catholic on Sunday at 8PM.

Sunday’s game at Malden Catholic will be the third consecutive season that the Lexington and the Chiefs have gone the distance to a fifth game to determine the Intercity Championship. The Blue Sox won in 2011 by a 10-0 score and the Chiefs came back to take the title last season, 3-0.

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