Mayor McGlynn Delivers Vision for New Term

Jack and Michael McGlynn

Medford Mayor Michael McGlynn, first elected in 1987 and the state’s longest serving mayor, offered up his vision for his new two-year term on Sunday. His father, former mayor Jack McGlynn, offered applause for his son during his speech.

The following remarks were delivered by the Mayor:


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One Response to “Mayor McGlynn Delivers Vision for New Term”

  1. Joe Medford says:

    I couldn’t read it all, too depresssing. There were two mentions of the word “progressive” in what I did read. Progressivism, for the uninformed many who live in Medford and voted for McGlynn, is another word for Communism and it is illustrated by the embarrassing “go green” direction the Mayor has set the city on. Agenda 21 anyone?

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