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City Council to Hold Four Meetings Tuesday

The Medford City Council is holding four meetings on Tuesday, February 25, 2014.

Three of the meetings are Committee of the Whole meetings that will take place prior to the regular meeting.

At 5:00PM the Council will meet to discuss plans for the new Department of Public Works facility and snow plowing. Mayor Michael McGlynn, project manager Jack Buckley, and DPW Commissioner Paul Gere have been asked to attend the meeting.

Following that meeting at 5:30PM the Council will discuss its goals for 2014. At 6:00PM the Council is scheduled to discuss a $3.5 million bond to make improvements to the Brooks Estate. The Mayor and Budget Director Stephanie Muccini Burke have been asked to attend the meeting.

All of the Committee of the Whole meetings are taking place in Room 207. The regular meeting will take place at 7:00PM in the Council Chamber. The regular meeting will be broadcast live on local TV.

More details are available on the city’s website.


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