Medford High School Alumni Association: A Year in Review

It has been one year since the Medford High School Alumni Association (MHSAA) has been established. The idea of creating such an organization for Medford High School was originally suggested to recent MHS graduate Dan Costello (‘12) by Assistant Principal David Blauch. After several conversations with David and numerous other members of the community, Dan decided to take on the task of putting together the new MHSAA. He originally started by seeking support from the community through word of mouth and the local media. Many alumni from all years, as far back as the 1940’s, showed interest in this new group.

Much of the past year has involved introducing the MHSAA to thousands of Medford High alums and building the foundation of the association. At the first meeting in May, the MHSAA adopted their By-Laws and made a path for the road ahead.  The Board of Directors of the Association includes five people: Dan Costello (’12), Allison Goldsberry (‘99), David McKillop (‘11), Neil Osborne (‘82), and Mike Cugno (‘80). Each of these directors has played an important role in building the MHSAA.

Despite being a brand new group to MHS and the Medford community as a whole, the MHSAA has had several notable accomplishments in the past year. Last May, the first Alumni Scholarship was given to a graduating senior. In the Fall, the first MHSAA Newsletter was released to the community. The day after Thanksgiving, the MHSAA was present at Medford Night 2 at John Brewers Tavern and drew alumni into the restaurant for this social event. This event was a great success due to the help of Tom Convery, Jr., who planned much of the event, Bill and Sue Honeycutt, who allowed us to be present at the restaurant, and the John Brewers staff who did an excellent job that night.

The Board of Directors has also made other plans to grow the Association this year. A more generous Alumni Scholarship will be offered in the spring. The Board is currently working on ways to honor respected alumni and grow their efforts in giving back to the students of MHS. The Spring Newsletter is scheduled to be released in April. Many other new and exciting plans also lie ahead.

The Board of Directors would like to send out a thank you to all those who have already supported the MHSAA in the first year. Your support has been greatly appreciated and we look forward in having your continued support in the future. If you would like more information on the MHSAA, please check us out online at, follow us on Twitter @MHSAlumniAssoc, or “Like” our Facebook Page Medford High School Alumni Association. If you are interested in joining the Association, please contact Daniel Costello at

– Submitted by the Medford High School Alumni Association Board of Directors

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