Construction to Affect Traffic Flow at Winthrop/High Rotary

– Allison Goldsberry

A major drainage improvement project that has had construction in the area of Winthrop Street and Mystic Valley Parkway for the past few months will wrap up and move up the street to the rotary.

According to City Engineer Cassandra Koutalidis, the contractor will conclude its work in the area in the next few days and move on to rotary to continue placing 48 inch diameter concrete pipe and other elements necessary for the Meetinghouse Brook flood mitigation project.

The transition to this next phase of the project will take place on Wednesday, April 9. The work will take at least two months. Koutalidis said rotary traffic will be affected during the construction work. Stop signs will be placed at all inbound lanes and some truck traffic will require special routing via police details.

Access to the rotary from Rural Avenue will be restricted. Koutalidis said residents in the area will be notified by flier and by other means.

“We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this time and we will strive to advance through the rotary as quickly as practicable,” said Koutalidis in a statement.

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