Falco Advocates for MFN at State House

Falco Cassidy Donato Bartley

John Falco, Vice-Chair of the Medford School Committee, spoke at a rally at the Massachusetts State House on Tuesday, April 1st advocating the need for continued support for the Children’s Trust, a state agency dedicated to the prevention of child abuse and promotion of healthy families. For the past 15 years the Medford Family Network of the Medford Public Schools has received a majority of their funding from the Children’s Trust. The funding that the Children’s Trust provides has been vital to the Medford Family Network (MFN) and has allowed the MFN to provide family support and parenting education programs to the Medford community. John has a long history of advocating for the Medford Family Network and currently is a member of the MFN’s Legislative Action Committee. In addition he served as Chair of the Parent Advisory Board, a parent led collaboration, dedicated to enhancing program offerings and creating a diverse and welcoming resource for Medford’s families. Falco is pictured (far left) with MFN Director Marie Cassidy, State Representative Paul Donato, and Children’s Trust Executive Director Suzin Bartley.

– Submitted by John Falco

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