Medford, Wynn Casinos Sign Surrounding Communities Agreement

The following statement was released by Mayor Michael McGlynn’s office on Tuesday afternoon. A similar surrounding communities agreement was also recently signed with Mohegan Sun.

Mayor Michael J. McGlynn today announced the agreement includes a yearly payment of $1 Million to help mitigate Medford’s public safety concerns, creates a community fund, creates a cultural fund for Chevalier Auditorium, improves water safety on the Mystic River and funds aesthetic upgrades for businesses. In addition, the agreement recognizes that Wellington Station will become a transportation hub for employees, vendors and patrons of a casino for which Wynn will support without limitation, safety upgrades and improved lighting, signage and beautification efforts in Wellington and the surrounding area.

Wynn has also agreed to:

– Pay up to $1.5 Million for a 25% concept design for Wellington Circle.

– Cooperate with efforts by Medford to seek funding from the Transportation Infrastructure and Development Fund for a permanent solution at Wellington Circle.

– Provide $1 Million to address improvements at 12 traffic intersections in accordance with MEPA.

– Provide $50,000 towards the Krystle Campbell Peace Garden and an additional $200,000 following the acceptance by Wynn of a license.

– Purchase $25,000 in gift certificates from Medford businesses to be used in Wynn’s Loyalty Program.

– Provide up to $10 Million a year in a good faith effort to utilize local business and supplies.

– Work to give preferential treatment to qualified Medford residents for contracting, subcontracting and servicing opportunities in the development and construction of the Project.

– Advertise and hold at least one event for Medford residents and give preference to properly qualified residents.

– Review and consider remediation plans for the removal of water chestnuts on the Mystic River as part of its environmental program.

These negotiations were lengthy, on point and enlightening.

“I wish to thank the Mintz Levin Team, Attorney Kim Sinatra, Attorney Jacqui Krum and the Chief Operation Officer for the proposed casino, Robert DeSalvio for a very productive, frank and open discussion of all of the issues. If the casino is awarded to Everett, we are positioned to work together to mitigate major concerns,” concluded McGlynn.

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