Cancer Survivor Hosts Golf Tourney to Support Jimmy Fund

Rick Giovino– Allison Goldsberry

Medford native Rick Giovino is only twenty-four-years-old, and he is a four-time testicular cancer survivor.

“It has been a rocky road the last three years or so and has significantly changed my life,” said Giovino in an interview last year. “I have put life into a completely different perspective after going down the road I’ve traveled. I have a much greater appreciation for the little things in life as well as the bigger, obvious things most importantly [like] friends and family.”

Giovino is hosting his second charity golf tournament in June, with all proceeds going to the Jimmy Fund. Last year he raised over $21,000 and he hopes to raise even more money this year. It is $175 per player to participate but Giovino says all are welcome to donate or participate by coming to the Melrose Fish and Game after the event.

“I have decided to organize the “Don’t Ever Lay Up” charity golf tournament to help everyone battling cancer as well as their families who support them,” said Giovino. “I want to make every effort to raise awareness for testicular cancer as well as raise money for as many victims and their families as possible. I have had several people help me and my family get through this very tough time- not once but four times- as I would be unable to do so alone. I want to let these sufferers and their families know they are not alone and that there are many people who are willing to help.”

The disease never did slow down Giovino, a talented golfer who competed in both high school and college. Giovino graduated in 2008 from Malden Catholic and recently graduated from Assumption College in Worcester, where he majored in Business Management and Marketing.

Ever the avid golfer and athlete, a battle with cancer came an an unwelcome surprise for Giovino while he was in college.

“This is something you would never in a million years picture yourself to be involved with,” said Giovino. “I have always seen myself as an outgoing and fun to be around type of guy and was determined to not let this disease step in my way. Going through this in the middle of my junior and senior year of college was not the ideal situation…College is suppose to be the best years of a young kid’s life and I certainly wasn’t going to let cancer get in the way.”

Giovino’s positive attitude kept him going during challenging times.

“It was very difficult being an athlete and busy body to be sidelined for several weeks due to surgeries and treatments but I accepted the challenge and made a commitment to make every effort to beat cancer doing whatever it takes,” said Giovino. “I have always been an active guy who exercises and eats right my entire life so hearing the news that I had cancer was truly a shock. I pride myself on being the guy that has cancer but [you] would never know it unless I told you myself.”

Giovino credits his family and friends for helping him stay positive and for remaining by his side during surgeries and doctors’ visits.

The second annual “Don’t Ever Lay Up” invitational golf tournament is taking place on Friday, June 13 at Mount Hood Golf Course in Stoneham. For more information contact contact

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