Council to Consider Approval of Parking Management Program Vendor

On Tuesday the Medford City Council will meet with Mayor McGlynn and other city officials to discuss a proposed ten year agreement with an outside vendor to manage the city’s parking enforcement program.

The Council is holding a Committee of the Whole meeting prior to its regular meeting with the Mayor, Budget Director Stephanie Muccini Burke, and Police Chief Leo Sacco to review the proposal, according to information released by City Clerk Ed Finn.

The Mayor seeking Council approval to extend a three year contract to ten. The request will be before the Council during its regular meeting.

Increased parking enforcement, including city-wide permit parking, creating a civilian parking enforcement division, and stepping up police patrols, has been discussed for several years by Mayor McGlynn as well as the City Council.

Both meetings are taking place at Medford City Hall on Tuesday, May 20. The Committee of the Whole meeting is at 5:00PM and the regular meeting is at 7:00PM. The regular meeting is broadcast live on local television (Channel 16 for Comcast subscribers and Channel 22 for Verizon subscribers).


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