Graduating Senior Receives 2nd Annual MHS Alumni Association Scholarship

MHSAA scholarship recipient 2014

Pictured: MHSAA Board of Director members Mike Cugno, Daniel Costello, and Allison Goldsberry with Lauren at Medford High School.

Congratulations to Lauren Tomaszczuk, Medford High School Class of 2014, for winning the Medford High School Alumni Association’s second annual scholarship!

In 500 words or less, Tomaszczuk wrote about how her experience at MHS has influenced her plans for the future.

“Embracing the Medford Mustang Pride, seems to be an “activity” that I do everywhere. I have always wanted to be an English teacher and thanks to Medford High School, I’ve finally committed to pursuing that career. Medford High School has some of the kindest and dedicated teachers, I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

When I wanted to pursue a career in English, I came to learn that the English teachers at Medford High School are amazing. As a Junior I took the AP English course, I wanted a challenge and I sure got it. My teacher was the extravagant Mr. Bowen-Flynn, who has accomplished both of his goals, being a teacher and being an actor. One day he introduced the opportunity to my class of being in a play in Boston. Knowing that these sorts of opportunities are hard to come by, I seized it and attended the auditions. I was the only student from Medford that was accepted, and I proudly showed my Mustang Pride.

Medford High has always given me amazing advantages. Being that I want to be an English teacher, I was given a chance by one of my favorite teachers, Mr. Ambrose. He had always known about my love of literature and Shakespeare, so he allowed me to assistant teach his Junior Class. He showed me that I could be a teacher, and he gave me a better feel for how teaching high schoolers rather than the young preschoolers I normally work with at the Medford Family Network. I cannot say that I have ever heard of a high school student assistant teaching classes in any other school, and I admit that this gives me an advantage over other people majoring in Education. I have been given a new found confidence with my declared major and will be better prepared for my practicum.

Medford High School has always been with me, even when I travel. I have gone on two trips with the school, Italy and Puerto Rico. The trips organized by the school are extremely thought out, fun, and educational. When I went on those trips, I knew that I represented the school and I wanted to represent them well, so I tried speaking the languages in both locations. I was able to create a better connection with teachers and I received a deeper pride for Medford High School. Like we Mustangs say, we bleed blue and I’d like to say that I do indeed bleed blue, thanks to the excellent staff of Medford High School.”

– Announcement and photo from the MHSAA

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