Mayor Vetoes Council Resolution to Reduce Budget

Mayor Michael McGlynn has vetoed a City Council resolution to reduce the city budget by over $600,000.

According to a statement released by the Mayor’s office, following a conversation City Solicitor Mark Rumley had with the state Department of Revenue, it was determined the resolution was too vaguely worded and did not specify the reduction, so the city could therefore consider it non-binding.

The entire statement, including a transcript of Rumley’s conversation with the DOR is available on the city website.

The entire proposed budget for fiscal year 2015, which began July 1, includes $51,158,000 for the public schools and $99,684,701 for municipal services.

The entire city budget is included in the City Council’s June 10, 2014 agenda.

Details about the school budget are available on the school website.


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