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Severe Storm Rips Through Medford, Area

A severe thunderstorm with frequent lightning and damaging winds tore through Medford and the area late Thursday night. Some people lost power while others had property damaged or near misses with downed tree limbs.

The following storm damage photos were taken by Jessica Contardo and Maria Daniels.

branch in yard

branch through window

storm damage

storm damage

storm damage

The following storm photos are from

Highland and Temple in Arlington

Kevin Carter contributed this shot from Highland and Temple in Arlington.

Arlington storm damage

View of the broken tree with the Res beyond and a tree near the Res spillway hangs by a thread.

damaged car

A 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee bears the weight of a tree upended by the storm.


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  1. Lorraine says:

    There were several trees that fell down at the Mystic Valley Parkway reservation are. Two of my sons were so close when one fell literally five feet from them. I have several pictures too.

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