Library Seeking Beatles, MLK Stories

BeatlesIf you have a story about the Beatles or Martin Luther King Jr., you are invited to share it on September 11 as part of storyteller Sharon Kennedy’s program Heroes.

Sharon will be telling the story of how she crashed the Beatles’ 1964 press conference at the old Madison Hotel in Boston at the age of 15, and how she was granted an interview with Martin Luther King in April of 1968.

MLK, Jr.During this Medford Library performance on September 11, 2014, four or five lucky people will tell their own five minute stories about some encounter (or wishful encounter or strong memory) having to do with either the Beatles or Martin Luther King.

If you have a story you would like to share at this event, please contact Sharon Kennedy at and either write up your story for her or meet her in person to try it out.

Remember there are only 4-5 slots and your story can only be five minutes long.

– Information from Assistant Librarian Barbara Kerr

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