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Anabelle, Bella Seeking Homes

Annabelle My name is Anabelle and I’m a 12 year old (pretty!) Calico girl. I am a very lucky girl… a few months ago, a man was on his way to work when he found me, half frozen in the snow. I am now in a nice, warm foster home and enjoying life once again. […]

Stormy, Mabel Seeking Homes

Stormy I am Stormy and I am a Maine-Coone mix boy. I was discovered wandering the streets, skinny and flea infested. A kind person called Kitty Connection to come and pick me up. I am extremely friendly and love attention and petting. I even rolled over for belly rubs when the photographer was here to […]

Rhythm, Mystique Seeking Homes

Rhythm My name is Rhythm and, as my name suggests, I am getting my groove on! I am a young tabby girl who was rescued from outside and my foster parents say I am “becoming bolder by the day”! I now love to play with my toys and with paper, you better keep an eye […]

Silver, Cali Seeking Homes

Silver My name is Silver and I am a 1 year old boy. I was picked up in a TNR (Trap, Neuter, & Release) program. I am just one of about 7 adult cats rescued by Kitty Connection from a very tough life living outside, fending for myself. Neighbors would see us and some would […]

King Tut, Izzie Seeking Homes

King Tut My name is King Tut and I certainly have a regal, kingly bearing. I’m an all black furred boy aged 3-5 years old and I was trapped by Kitty Connection in someone’s backyard. I am friendly and kinda mellow so, if you are looking for a chill guy to hang out with you […]

Monkey-Pooh, Minni-Pooh, Cinnamon Seeking Homes

Monkey-Pooh and Minni-Pooh My name is Monkey-Pooh; I am a black and white young girl and I am here with my sister, Minni-Pooh and she is a tabby. We were surrendered because our owner had too many cats and she is moving. She cannot take all of us so here we are in the Kitty […]

Springsteen, Copper Pot Seeking Homes

Springsteen- Cat of the Month My name is Springsteen and am about 4 years old. I was a stray looking for food when I peered into a neighbor’s sliding glass doors. The homeowners sensed I was friendly and led me to their garage where they fed me; then they called Kitty Connection. At KC, I […]

Buffcakes, Diesel Seeking Homes

Buffcakes Hi, my name is Buffcakes because I am one hunk of buff colored sweetness! (I am about 2 years old.) I was a stray cat that a nice lady was feeding and she discovered that I was friendly. Kitty Connection was called and here I am, safely snug and warm in the KC Rescue […]

Miles, Izzie Seeking Homes

Miles Hello there. My name is Miles and I am a 15 year old sweetheart. I am at Kitty Connection because a few weeks ago, my loving owner went into the hospital and never came home again. I am now an adult orphaned cat and hope to give another owner the love I have left. […]

Simba, Rena Seeking Homes

Simba My name is Simba and I’m a handsome 2 year old male FIV + cat. I am extremely friendly and lovable. I get along with other cats and just love being petted and cuddled. Rena My name is Rena and I’m a 4 year old female lab/pit bull mix. I lost my home and […]