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All Invited to ‘Mulling Over Medford’ Feb. 6th

Hello all, This is an invitation to meet and talk about our city with an eye toward a preferred future we may well share. On the first Thursday of each month, starting February 6, if you are at all inclined and curious about Mulling Over Medford, please join the conversation at the Bestsellers Café (MOM@Bestsellers), […]

Career Talk with Marie Wetmore

How To Dress For Success In The Cold New England Weather Brrr, it is cold today! And it’s not getting warmer anytime soon. But in the workplace, no matter how cold the weather is, appearances still matter. I know it sounds superficial, but as a career coach it’s my job to speak the truth. And […]

History of Blacks in Medford

- Nekita Lamour As InsideMedford posted two events occurring in Medford this month of November – the 150th Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation on the 13th and the Haitian Cultural day at the Hyatt on the 15th, I would like to share some of my research of the Black presence in Medford. In the past […]

Career Talk with Marie Wetmore

Time Management: The 90 Minute Calendar Rule, Part 2 Welcome to part 2 of the 90 minute calendar rule series. In part 1, we discussed how a well-managed work calendar shouldn’t have unscheduled chunks of free time lasting more than 90 minutes. Overly long periods of unscheduled time leave you bouncing around like a pinball […]

Career Talk with Marie Wetmore

Time Management: The 90 Minute Calendar Rule, Part 1 Everyone knows that All-Star professionals make the most of their time. They may juggle a lot, but the right things always seem get done at the right time. There is no mystery to this – it’s all about time management. One key component is the strategic […]

How To Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution

- Marie Wetmore It’s New Year’s. You make a resolution and tell yourself that this year you will finally succeed. You’ll lose weight. You’ll spend more time with your family. You’ll start saying no. Whatever your resolution is, this is your opportunity to do something differently. Rather than announcing yet another resolution that loses steam […]

4 Ways To Prevent Stress This Holiday Season

And Why it’s Important – Marie Wetmore Amidst the holiday shopping, hosting family events, and trying to keep up with end-of-the-year work expectations, you might be familiar with this real world grinch: holiday stress. According to a study by Greenberg research, 38 percent of Americans experience increased stress during the holidays. Although anyone can feel […]

Thanksgiving in Five Minutes or Less

Gratitude Practice For Busy People – Marie Wetmore Celebrating Thanksgiving once a year is nice, but practicing thankfulness every day can change your life. It all comes down to gratitude. People who practice gratitude are more optimistic, happier, less anxious, less angry, and generally feel better about their lives. They even tend to have more […]

Producing Access in Medford?

- Joe Viglione There’s a DVD of a Medford Hockey game that has not aired on Channel 3, yet the City Council applauded the hockey players the same night they had this interaction with Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. Isn’t a hockey game by Medford’s sports’ team just as important as a TV show which gets […]