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Councilor Knight Questions Tufts’ Elimination of Janitorial Positions

Tufts University and it’s janitorial service provider DTZ have recently announced plans to eliminate nearly 33% of the 91 janitorial positions contracted to service the University’s Medford/Somerville campus. At a recent forum, Tufts and DTZ proclaimed that the elimination of these positions was necessary in order for these contracted services to remain sustainable, yet the […]

Marks: Dog Park Coming to Medford Soon

A longstanding dream of all city dog owners is, at long last, emerging from the shadows of uncertainty and into the daylight of reality. I, together with a committed group of concerned residents, have joined hands with Mayor Michael J. McGlynn to lay out a blueprint for a first ever dog park in the city […]

Opting Out of Common Core/PARCC

– Robert Penta, Medford City Councilor Knowing about your children’s rights regarding the upcoming Common Core PARCC assessment exam.   … and your right to “OPT OUT!” This Common Core/PARCC issue I’m discussing is vitally important to every parent in Medford and in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, so I urge you to take the time […]

Penta: To be Taxed or not to be Taxed without Representation Forever

Repealing the “forever gas tax”. Earlier this summer, the State Legislature approved a law that increased the gas tax by 3 cents a gallon starting July 31, 2013. The same law also calls for adjusting the tax yearly to match growth in the consumer price index, starting in January of 2015 … now to be […]

Councilor’s Perspective- Michael Marks

This is the first in a series of occasional opinion pieces written by Medford City Councilors. First step in lowering water/sewer rates is looking at pipe infrastructure At City Council meetings, we often hear a groan from the back of the room whenever we broach the topic of sewer pipe infrastructure improvements. Perhaps talk of […]