McGillivray Marks 60th Birthday with Ultra-Long Run

McGillivrayDave McGillivray, the race director of the B.A.A. Boston Marathon and the upcoming TD Beach to Beacon and New Balance Falmouth Road Race, is planning to put the ‘miles’ in his upcoming milestone birthday by running 60 miles to mark the occasion.

He began running his age in miles on his birthday as a 12-year-old in Medford, Mass., and has continued the tradition ever since.

McGillivray, who officially turns 60 on Aug. 22, will make his run on Aug. 9 on a 3.5 mile route near his North Andover, Mass., home that includes a loop around the Old Town Common and back 17 times.

Approaching the task as he would the major sporting events that he directs, McGillivray has not only been training for the run but has planned a party at his home that day (open to media). He has been preparing for the run since the spring, including completing the entire course of the Boston Marathon after the crowds dispersed to benefit the Martin W. Richard Charitable Foundation (known as MR8) and again running the entire 26.2 mile marathon course last week. He also did a 43-mile training run on the loop course a few weeks ago and said he felt great. Famed runners such as Bill Rodgers, Joan Samuelson, Amby Burfoot, Bart Yasso and Team Hoyt plan to run some birthday miles with McGillivray.

McGillivray has also been running in the races he directs this year as a way to critique the event from the runner’s point of view. He will join the field Aug. 2 for the TD Beach to Beacon 10K in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

McGillivray, president of DMSE Sports, also plans to return to Kona, Hawaii in October to participate in the Ironman Triathlon World Championship for the ninth time – but for the first time in 25 years. He will compete in the Ironman to once again benefit MR8.

McGillivray gained national prominence with his 1978 cross country run that took 80 days and raised almost $150,000 for the Jimmy Fund – the first money any runner ever raised for a cancer charity, according to Runner’s World. He has completed a number of similar feats of endurance since his groundbreaking cross country trek, including a second cross-country run in 2004 from San Francisco to Boston as part of TREK USA, a relay team event that raised more than $300,000 for five children’s charities. He has now logged more than 150,000 miles, eight Hawaii Ironman Triathlons and now has finished 131 marathons – including 42 consecutive Boston Marathons.

McGillivray learned he had coronary heart disease last fall and has spoken out about getting healthy and going in for heart tests, even if you think you are healthy and in shape. He has lost 27 pounds, dropped his cholesterol level by over 70 points and has been following a very, very strict and healthy diet, which he credits as having given him his health back and now feels he is in his best shape in 15 years.

McGillivray is a pioneer in what is now one of the most important aspects of the endurance sports industry – combining athletics with philanthropy. Nearly every DMSE Sports event combines fitness and fundraising, giving back to the Jimmy Fund and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Children’s Hospital, Lazarus House and many others charities and non-profit organizations in New England and across the country. He along with all the events he has directed have helped raised more than $100 million for charity over the years since starting DMSE Sports in 1981.

- Submitted by Wolfe PR

Legislature Sends Domestic Violence Bill to Governor

Will close loopholes in current law and create innovative approaches to end the cycle of domestic violence

Representative Paul J. Donato (D-Medford, Malden) joined his colleagues in the Legislature to pass domestic violence legislation which creates new criminal offenses and elevated penalties, boosts prevention efforts, seeks to empower victims and establishes new employment rights.

This legislation establishes a first offense domestic assault and battery charge. Current law includes penalties for subsequent offenses but fails to include a first offense, making the statute unenforceable.

“We, as public officials and as a society, must do everything in our power to stem the tragic tide of violence against women,” House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo (D-Winthrop) said. “This legislation represents some of the strongest, most comprehensive domestic violence legislation in at least a generation. I thank all who collaborated on this bill and offer my sincere gratitude to the advocates and individuals who so courageously shared their experiences.”

“This bill addresses the issue of domestic violence from two positions, increasing the rights and protection of victims and prevention,” said Representative Donato. “I am confident that this comprehensive legislation is a major step forward in the battle against domestic violence.”

The bill creates a specific felony charge of strangulation and suffocation, actions that statistically indicate an abuser is more likely to commit domestic violence related homicide in the future, and establishes
penalties of up to 5 years in state prison, up to 2 1/2 years in a house of correction, by a fine of up to
$5,000 or by both a fine and imprisonment. It also enhances penalties for strangulation in a number of ways including when the action results in serious bodily harm or is committed against a pregnant woman.

The bill provides enhanced resources to help balance prevention and punishment. By standardizing records and mandating that they are shared across jurisdictions, the legislation ensures key decision-makers have the most accurate information and that parties have access to an offender’s complete history. To increase confidentiality and track and identify high-risk cases, the legislation requires that police log entries related to domestic violence are kept in a separate log.

The bill abolishes the antiquated practice of allowing accord and satisfaction, a practice in which parties agree to a private financial settlement. Victims often feel pressure from their abuser to reconcile and are not emotionally able to resist their demands making this provision inappropriate for domestic violence related offenses.

In an effort to consistently improve prevention efforts the legislation establishes enhanced training programs and creates Domestic Fatality Review Teams which will investigate domestic violence related fatalities. The state-level review teams will serve as a tool to help officials understand any shortcomings present in current protocol.

The bill also includes the following provisions:

- Delays bail for offenders to provide the victim with time for safety planning and authorizes the revocation of bail in certain cases;

- Establishes fees for domestic violence offenses. These will be invested in the newly created Domestic and Sexual Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance fund;

- Broadens court authorization related to custody and support orders;

- Increases penalties for subsequent restraining order violations to up to 5 years in state prison or up to 2 1/2 in a house of correction. Under current law, penalties are limited to a fine of up to $5,000 or up to 2 1/2 years in a house of correction, or both; and,

- Requires law enforcement agencies to provide information on batterer’s intervention to defendants when serving them with a Chapter 209A restraining order.

The bill takes steps to help victims recover and continue to make a living by requiring employers with 50 or more employees to allow up to 15 days of leave, with or without pay, to any employee who is a victim of domestic violence or lives with a family member who is a victim of domestic violence. Employees can use the leave to obtain medical attention, counseling, housing, protection orders and other legal assistance. Employers can require employees to provide official documentation to certify that the employee or employee’s family member is a victim of domestic violence. Under this bill, all information about the employee’s leave must be kept confidential. In addition, employees must exhaust all available leave, such as vacation and sick time, before seeking leave established under this bill; however an employer may waive this requirement.

The legislation also promotes innovative approaches such as multi-disciplinary high risk teams and grants program to provide assistance to victims of domestic violence.

The bill now goes to the Governor for his approval.

- Submitted by State Representative Paul Donato (D-Medford, Malden)

Mayor McGlynn Participates in ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ to Spread ALS Awareness

Mayor McGlynn ALS ice bucket challenge

On Thursday afternoon Mayor Michael McGlynn gamely took part in the ALS ice bucket challenge, a movement that has spread virally through social media over the past few days. The challenge is an effort to raise awareness of ALS, or “Lou Gehrig’s disease.”

In a video posted on the City of Medford’s website, Mayor McGlynn calls out three Medford residents to accept the challenge. The Mayor said he was asked by friend Kelly South, who had a family member with ALS, to participate.


Middlesex Sheriff’s Office Warns of Arrest Scam

The Middlesex Sheriff’s Office is once again warning residents about ongoing telephone scams in which perpetrators are falsely posing as deputies and threatening arrest for failure to pay debts or fines.

“Recently, a Merrimack Valley resident notified our Civil Process Division he had received a call from an individual claiming to be a Middlesex Sheriff’s Office Deputy. The caller threatened to arrest the victim and demanded money for a loan the victim had allegedly defaulted on,” said Sheriff Peter J. Koutoujian. “Utilizing this frightening scheme, the perpetrator was successful in scamming the victim out of money.”

Adding to the realism of the scam call, the perpetrator was able to spoof a legitimate Middlesex Sheriff’s Office telephone number, making it appear as though the call was actually coming from the Sheriff’s Office.

The perpetrator provided the victim with a second, unrelated number to call to make the payment. This year, the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office has seen an increase in the number of calls reported in which scammers are alleging to be deputies. In all the cases, the callers threaten to arrest the victim unless an immediate payment is made for an outstanding loan, a fine for failure to pay taxes or failure to show up for jury duty. The perpetrators will then demand the victim make a wire transfer, purchase a MoneyPak (or GreenDot) Card to settle the debt, or pay by credit/debit card. In some versions of these arrest scams, suspects will also ask for the victim’s Social Security number, claiming it is as a way for them to verify they are speaking with the correct individual.

“We will never threaten arrest in such a manner,” said Sheriff Koutoujian. “Our job is not to collect money, so we’ll never call you to ask for a credit card number or demand you purchase a product to pay any outstanding fines or debts.”

With an increase of these so-called arrest scams nationwide, the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office is offering the following tips:

- Never give out your Social Security number to anyone who contacts you via phone or email;

- Never provide any financial information (bank account, credit card numbers);

- Never purchase a product (MoneyPak Cards, etc.) to pay a debt;

- If a caller phoning about financial issues identifies themselves as a member of law enforcement, get their name, hang up the phone, and call Information or look up the agency’s main telephone number online (do not call the number the caller provides). Then call the main number, ask for that officer by name and remain on the line to speak with them. Always remember, however, a member of law enforcement will never demand money over the phone.

- Report any such calls you receive to local law enforcement.

Anyone who receives a call similar in nature to the one referenced above is encouraged to contact their local police department. We also ask that you contact the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office Investigations Unit at 978-932-3220 if the caller indicates they work for the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office.

- Submitted by Middlesex Sheriff Peter Koutoujian’s office

Farmers Market Open Thursday

Medford Farmers Market

The Medford Farmers Market will feature a new vendor on Thursday. M.F. Dulock Pasture-Raised Meats, recently a Best of Boston winner for best butcher, will bring sausage, jerky, pate, and meat, according to the farmers market newsletter.

The Medford Farmers Market is the featured cause in August at Not Your Average Joe’s. Diners can support the market by bringing a special certificate that will lead to 15% of the meal being donated; the special is in effect for the entire month of August at the restaurant’s location at Station Landing in Medford.

The market is open from 3-7PM each Thursday in Medford Square behind City Hall. Courtesy photo.


Guzik Ends Bid for State Rep

- Allison Goldsberry

Sharon GuzikMedford resident Sharon Guzik has bowed out of the race for state representative, according to an announcement recently released by the candidate.

Guzik, a former Medford School Committee member, cited personal family reasons for ending her campaign.

She thanked supporters in her statement and also said she will continue to remain involved in the community.

“I deeply appreciate your support for my campaign. It means so much to me personally. The people behind a campaign are what make it a strong grassroots movement, and your support was an important part of that,” said Guzik’s statement. “One of the best parts of the campaign for me was meeting so many people in the district and hearing their stories. I truly believe that a small group of people working together can change the world, and I will continue my efforts on behalf of our community both here and across the Commonwealth. I hope you will also stay involved and I look forward to future opportunities to work together to bring about positive change to our community.”

The four remaining candidates for state representative are Erin DiBenedetto and Nick Lanzilli, both from Medford, and Somerville’s Christine Barber and Craig Rourke.

The field will narrow following the state primary on September 9. One Democrat will advance to the general election in November; there are no Republican candidates. Medford resident Nick Lanzilli is running as an independent candidate so he does not face any primary challengers and will compete in the general election.

The state representative seat was formerly held by Carl Sciortino, who resigned from his seat in April to lead the AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts.

Revere Establishes Tornado Relief Fund

An overturned car on Malden Street at Broadway after the tornado last week. Photo by MA State Police.

Following news that federal aid would be unlikely, the City of Revere has established a tornado relief fund for private donations to assist victims of last week’s historic storm.

Former Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone will oversee the distribution of the money raised. So far, nearly $10,000 has been raised toward the fund’s $1 million goal.

Revere Mayor Dan Rizzo says the storm caused millions in damage, some of which won’t be covered by insurance.

“We are still left with a devastating gash a quarter mile wide and two miles long through the heart of our city,” said Mayor Rizzo in a press conference on Friday. “Dozens of families have lost their homes and businesses while others have suffered extensive property damage.”

More details about the fund, including how to donate online, via mail, or in person, are available at


DPW Picks Up New Employees, Equipment

DPW employees and equipment

New DPW employees

The Medford Department of Public Works has acquired four new employees and several new pieces of equipment.

The new employees are Cosme Portillo (Cemetery Division), Isidro Valentin (Water and Sewer Division), Heath Johnston (Parks Division), and Daniel Camplese (Forestry Division).

The new equipment includes a street sweeper, pickup truck, dump truck, and front end loader for the Highway Division and two new utility trucks, a pickup truck, a box truck, a jet truck, and a backhoe for the Water and Sewer Division.

Mayor Michael McGlynn said Medford continues to make a commitment to the DPW to ensure the delivery of important services throughout the community. The new equipment will be used for routine maintenance as well as for emergencies such as clean-up following severe weather like torrential downpours and blizzards.


Two Thumbs Up for Get On Up

Get on Up film

- Carrie Greland

Get On Up told the life story of the force of energy that was James Brown.

The actor Chadwick Boseman embodied the man in all aspects and had those famous dance moves down.

The movie does not take the typical linear fashion of a biography. Instead it uniquely takes us back and forth to different parts of The Godfather of Soul’s life. By doing so we can fully appreciate the rough and stark background he came from to what he earned from talent, hard work and a great love of music.

A good film!

Boss, Tux, and Tessa Looking for Homes


BossMy name is Boss and I am a very lovable cat who happens to be diabetic. I am being treated with insulin and it is possible that I may not always be diabetic. I was found wandering the streets and a kind-hearted young man took me into his home. He couldn’t keep me so he called Kitty Connection for help. Volunteers picked me up, got me neutered, and found me a home. My new mom adopted me and another cat, and loved us tremendously (and, we loved her). Unfortunately, she suffered a heart attack and passed away. When she was discovered on the floor, I was right there, curled up next to her. So, I came back to KC’s Rescue Room. I am very friendly and love attention. I could spend hours being cuddled and stroked. Do you have the stamina for marathon love-fests? Whoever adopts me will be a permanent foster home, meaning Kitty Connections provides everything needed to keep Boss a happy and healthy cat!

Tux and Tessa

Tux and Tessa$50.00 for the pair! June “Adopt a Cat Month” Donation!

We are Tux & Tessa, 2-3 year old siblings. We were abandoned after our owners moved away. After living outside for some time, we were trapped in a TNR (Trap Neuter, Release) program. We have been in a very caring foster home for a few months now, and we are making tremendous progress! (Our first photos show us right after we were trapped and, obviously, we were very scared. The photo above shows us now!) We are playing with our foster mom and love hanging out in her living room. Kitty Connection has not lost hope in us because they have seen many miracles. We are hoping someone will give us a chance together (or apart) and help advance us in our socialization process, so that we can be loved for the remainder of our lives. We are “fixed” and up to date with all our shots, and ready to move into your home!

About Kitty Connection

Kitty Connection is a no-kill, all volunteer rescue based in Medford and dedicated to helping animals in need. KC provides foster homes for them until they are adopted into loving, forever homes.

Cats/dogs are sometimes temporarily staying at foster homes away from the area.

For more information or to make an appointment to see the animals, call 781-393-9995 or email

For more animals or to see videos, check out!

- Information and photos from Kitty Connection